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Mapping hate — and standing against it

According to the anti-racist Southern Poverty Law Center, there are (or were, as of 2009) 932 hate groups in the United States. The numbers of such groups vary from state to state, usually in rough correlation with population, although certain states appear to have disproportionate concentrations of them. The groups range from neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers to so-called “conservative” groups to assorted white supremacists, professed “Christian” organizations, anti-gay associations and neo-Confederates.


Neo-Nazis demonstrate ... although it’s not clear what.
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The groups appear as red dots on the national map, but the map is interactive and lets you zoom in on the state of your choice for more specific information about the organizations operating in it. Thus it is possible to “know the enemy” in at least some detail.

But as there is hate, so there is resistance to hate; as there are red dots, so there are also regions of green. The green areas appear, however, only when you click the “Stand strong against hate” button — which I recommend if you want to repudiate bigotry — and denote where people live who have enlisted with SPLC’s anti-hate campaign, including you if you sign up.

Originally published as a review of a Southern Poverty Law Center article on the US’ distribution of hate groups.

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