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One McArabia to go, please!

Occasionally I leave a shopping list behind at the grocery store, and wonder: If someone finds this, will Homeland Security be called in?


The sign clearly reads “Maakduunaaldz” in flawless Anglo-Arabic....
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I can imagine an Arabic-language specialist being summoned from Sacramento or San Francisco. He shoulders his way through the hushed, expectant crowd, and takes the list from a grim-faced agent who’s been trying to find clues to where the bomb is hidden. He scans a few items, and his face is a study in mixed emotions: Annoyance, exasperation and amusement chase each other in a series of telltale expressions.

Finally the suppressed grin can be suppressed no longer as he reads, “1. Bagels; 2. Cilantro; 3. Salsa; 4. Yogurt; 5. Ground ginger; 6. ....”

Originally published as a review of a photo essay on signs ridiculing islamophobia.

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