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Mathematically challenged?

Neoconservative Frank Gaffney, who can’t seem to decide whether or not he’s an “expert” on Sharia law, has made it abundantly clear that he’s no expert on simple arithmetic.

Anderson Cooper and Frank Gaffney

From left: Anderson Cooper and Frank Gaffney discuss the Three-Percent Dominance Theory.
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As observed both in this article* and in several of my past comments on this issue, Muslims in the United States constitute a minuscule percentage of the population — estimates range from 0.6 to just under three percent — and, even assuming that all of them are radicals bent upon imposing Sharia at all costs and by any means necessary, would find it impossible to force their preferences on the other 97-plus percent of the US’ 310 million people.

If further proof that money, prestige and television appearances are no evidence of intelligence were needed, Gaffney has supplied it in abundance.

*Originally published as a review of a article on neoconservative Sharia fantasies.

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