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Zionism: an anti-Semitic doctrine?

Forget the noble myths. When Lord Arthur Balfour, foreign minister in 1917 of the British Empire, wrote the eponymous doctrine that set aside most of Palestine as a Jewish homeland, he did so not because he loved the Jewish people, but because he despised them.

Lord Arthur Balfour may have created Israel to remove Jews from Europe

Lord Arthur Balfour may have created Israel to encourage Jews to leave Europe.
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Foreshadowing the calumnies leveled against Muslims in Europe and America today, then-prime minister Balfour espoused the Aliens Act of 1905 because he felt that Jews were a race and creed alien and harmful to Europe, incapable of being assimilated and thus best encouraged to move elsewhere. And when, after Britain took Palestine from the Ottoman Empire, Balfour seized on Zionism, he did so as the most expeditious solution to the “Jewish problem.”

Originally published as a review of an Al-Jazeera article on the historical origins of Zionism.

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