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I think this cat must be at least partly Maine Coon: The size, the long, fluffy fur, the ear-tufts, the bushy tail and the confident demeanor all characterize this popular breed.

Gray cat offers to shake hands

Gray cat offers to shake hands.
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Would that I could get the images out of my digital camera (which keeps returning USB errors when I try). One day, if ever we can resolve this issue, I’ll post pictures of Athena, who somewhat resembles this cat, but is a bit stripier, more variegated (with black, various shades of gray, brown and ginger, and white on her chin and stomach) and less fluffy, and has the biggest, most expressive “owl eyes” I’ve ever seen — whence her name, for the owl is the avatar of her eponym, that blazing-eyed, Trojan-hating goddess of wisdom and warfare, patron deity of the Greek capital that still bears her name.

Update: The issue is resolved. Watch for pictures of Athena, Xena and Wahida in pages to come.

Originally published as a review of an photo of unknown original provenance.

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