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It’s for you!

I never had a telephone quite like this one, but I certainly still remember the days of dial telephones fundamentally similar to it. Nor will I forget my stepfather’s advice that we call for the time, not with the mnemonic "P-O-P-C-O-R-N," but by using "767-1111." Why? Because the “1” was closest to the finger-stop, meaning it would save a crucial fraction of a second of dialing time.

Rotary telephone

Today this rotary telephone is a dust-ridden, obsolete antique. But if you watch movies made in the 1930s-40s, you will see them clean, shiny and fully functional as the characters use them.
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Incidentally, don’t bother calling for the time now, with either number. The free telephone time service is gone now, replaced by the internet and privatized: Never again will we hear the words, “At the tone, Pacific Standard Time will be ... seven twenty-four pee-em ... and thir-ty seconds. *Beep.* At the tone ....”

Originally published as a review of a image of unknown original provenance.

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