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Turn about is fair play

As anyone who’s read me knows, I am certainly no admirer of the strident ignoramus Sarah Palin; in fact, I deplore virtually all that she says, does and represents. And it is true that Palin’s attacks on Pres. Barack Obama are often unfair and deceptive, and couched in such emotionally manipulative terms that some of her followers give us no surprise when they threaten the president. On the whole, I believe that, since Palin cannot be ignored thanks to the bankroll behind her, which assures her inanity a place on the airwaves denied to millions of more intelligent and morally sound Americans, she should be comprehensively “refudiated.”

Sarah Palin

Sarah can’t help it — no one told her you weren't supposed to eat the lemon wedges from the icewater pitcher.
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But none of this means that I can agree with this article — or with the Pravda article on which it is partly based — in calling Palin a traitor for criticizing a president during a time of crisis (as if every time is not a time of crisis). That argument is precisely what George W. Bush supporters tried to use to silence dissent during the previous administration. It was a bad argument then, and since nothing has fundamentally changed, it is therefore a bad argument now.

It is particularly incongruous when that argument is presented by someone who, according to her on-page introduction, “staunchly defends the right to free speech and open dialogue.”

What’s sauce for the goose is still sauce for the gander. Even if you voted for the gander.

Originally published as a review of a article calling Sarah Palin a traitor for her attacks on President Obama.

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