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Intensely cheesy

In which a casein-coated cartoonist praises Barack Obama with faint damns

On this page, cartoonist “Stilton Jarlsberg” shows us — or those of us for whom it was not already apparent — why his pseudonym fits him so well.

Barack Obama: the Muslim delusion

Barack Obama: the “Muslim” delusion persists....
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In addition to the now trite themes of President Obama’s birth certificate and (nonexistent) Muslim affiliations, both cartoons and text fill a great deal of space with conservative platitudes about America’s tragic inability to control the actions of foreign governments — as inferably it could before Obama came along — by the use of “credible threats.” Quite apart from any awkward questions about our right to do that, this page, in blaming Obama for Muammar Qaddafi’s slaughter of his own citizens, was apparently written in the hope that readers would forget that Qaddafi is hardly the first despot to kill his own people, and that many of these incidents occurred at times when the U.S. had a Republican president.

This is one representative subject among the many on the pages; I couldn’t reproduce all of them here if I wanted. But it suffices to suggest the quality of the slurs directed against Obama on this site, and thereby makes apparent what the title implies: The author is obsessed with Barack Obama and willing to say anything, no matter how absurd or even obviously untrue, to impugn him.


Please note that this review does not come from a Barack Obama fan. I never voted for the man in any capacity, and would not. There is no question in my mind that he is at best a mediocre president, and one who lied repeatedly to gain office, cares little or not at all about the lives of ordinary people, and is ultimately no more than another shameless agent of the kleptoplutocracy. That he would be such was never really in doubt among those who studied Obama’s actual behavior as distinguished from his lofty oratory; only a true naif could have believed the bombast he emitted on the campaign trail.

The worst of what Obama has done, in my opinion, is to cast discredit upon real reformers who do care about the middle and working classes and might, if given a chance, evoke real hope and change. Thanks to Obama’s empty rhetoric, such leaders emerging from the masses of the overworked and underpaid will no longer be able to speak — however earnestly — of aspirations to improve the lot of their peers without incurring comparisons that make their honest intentions sound like mere flummery.

For that, among other things, I deeply resent President Obama, and would hope for a change in the Democratic ticket in 2012.


Ultimately, then, it is certainly commendable enough to criticize the president, even caustically. But it is commendable only so long as the criticisms are both true and valid. This page does not meet those tests.

Originally published as an adverse review of a cartoon series feebly impugning Barack Obama.

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