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‘Inner capitalist,’ meet ‘outer capitalist’

Those who would have us believe that the millionaire Barack Obama is a socialist or a Marxist are going to have to find some way to square that absurd lie with their far more truthful contemporaneous condemnations of him (now seemingly abandoned as inconsistent with their “message”) for currying favor with companies like BP. They can’t continue to have it both ways.

Timothy Geithner and Barack Obama

Timothy Geithner and Barack Obama: Must be
Bolshevik Central.
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Please note: Actual socialists have never trusted or supported Obama. They have rightly observed that his policies do not fundamentally differ from those of George W. Bush. They also remind us that, under his administration, corporate profits and executive compensation continue to set new records, even as the wages of ordinary Americans stagnate and their buying power falls. There is an infinity of real misery among the middle and working classes, and it is certainly not caused by socialist policies, which would have the effect of alleviating some of that misery at the expense of members of the economic elite, who might have to forgo that fourth vacation home in Bermuda or content themselves with owning fewer congressmen.

Before anyone buys the tripe this site is peddling, I hope that he or she will take some time to learn the difference between Marxism and crony capitalism. Economic illiteracy is just one of the forms of ignorance that such kleptoplutocratic filthmongers as — like the Koch brothers, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and other such sociopathic perverters of America's national dialogue — rely upon to permit them to befuddle minds and calumniate the innocent.

Originally published as a review of a opinion article congratulating Barack Obama on his kowtowing to the powerful.

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