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Here we go again

After all, what’s an asylum without inmates?

Ah. The apotheosis of credibility: an article by left-wing nutjob Mike Adams (who wrote a story I recently reviewed in which he suggested that Bill Gates wants to commit genocide via vaccination) appearing on, a conspiracy/pseudoscience site operated by right-wing nutjob Alex Jones. This time, it appears that this intrepid reporter wants to warn us about the memory-erasing drugs that the government will soon use to make us forget its crimes.

Out of mind ... won't be back.

If only lunatics came with warning labels....
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If I saw a story here by Mike Adams saying the earth orbited the sun, I’d immediately cross-check it with a reliable source. This report may have some real factual basis, but its appearance here is sufficient to make me doubt it.

Note that I have no doubt that certain elements of our global pathocracy would indeed like nothing better than to control minds directly without all that inefficient propaganda and cultural indoctrination. But this does not imply that they have successfully developed the means of doing so, and with Mike Adams’ record of paranoid sensationalism, I remain firmly unconvinced.

Originally published as a review of a article suggesting that pharmaceutical researchers are working to develop memory-erasing drugs.

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