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Dare we scale the vines?

Imagination is surely the most underrated of human talents.

Galaxy in a tree

Galaxy in a tree: Fie on a mere house!
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Only upon the wings of mind can we swoop across intergalactic space from the boughs of a tree limned black against a night sky candescent with supernovae, and only with the eye of imagination can we behold the infinity concealed within a point of spacetime. For unless current quantum theory is far astray, the premise that a photon will take all possible paths from one point to another must imply that, at any given time, any photon’s volume of spacetime must contain infinite photons. And if this be correct, then William Blake’s “World in a Grain of Sand” may have been mere understatement; it would be more accurate to say, “A cosmos in a quark.”

This would, of course, be merely another and more material example of the theme of limited infinities that I discussed in a previous essay, which I have come to think may represent a significant element in any potential grand unified theory.

Since I am not a physicist by profession, it is of course altogether possible that I have overlooked something in my speculations. But if Albert Einstein was in earnest when he said that imagination is more important than knowledge, then perhaps such thought-experiments will one day yield the understandings that elude all of science’ present instruments.

What do you think?

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